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We take pride in being one of the most experienced concrete companies in New Orleans who expertly handle concrete demolition and removal services. We are proud of this because this is no easy task. Everything has to be properly and carefully planned. Trained personnel plus the right equipment are also prerequisites to carrying out a project successfully. But because we are experienced, the job overall is now somewhat easier and more straightforward for us. We have a team with us who are trained and skilled from planning to execution and project completion. Plus, we also have updated equipment that are essential in demolition.

Demolition projects are not all noise and destruction. It needs to be executed with a certain level of precision and finesse. This is the reason why proper training and having the right resources are important. It is also essential that the activities involved can be carried out safely.

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New Orleans Concrete Solutions

Our equipment is all modern. At the very least, we make sure that every project will make use of a bobcat that has a pneumatic breaker attached to it. This will be the main player of the demolition process. However, it cannot be completed without the help of jackhammers that will be operated by our crew.

A key in making sure that a demolition project done by your trusted New Orleans concrete contractor will be successful is being organized. Therefore, aside from a plan that will cover the specific features of a project, we also have a general protocol for every project. After planning and execution, the plans for removing, disposing, and transporting the scrap is also part of our plans. However, we do not really practice disposing of concrete anymore. Instead, we make sure that they are brought to the right recycling facilities. After the demolition is done, we load every bit of concrete that we can get to the trucks that we bring them to the said facilities.

New Orleans Concrete Solutions

Here, they will undergo processes that will turn them into something that can be used as aggregate material in future construction projects. This is our company’s contribution to the global environmental efforts.

Among the reasons why people get their concrete demolished is because it has been damaged completely beyond any effort to repair. Sometimes, this will be obvious. When the structures such as a driveway is already punched out and crumbling to bits of dust, it is almost certain that demolition will be the best way to go. However, sometimes, it will not be as obvious. In these instances, the concrete may look fine outwardly, but deep inside, the damage could already be extensive. To make sure that you will not miss this, make sure that a professional coming from a concrete company in New Orleans will inspect your concrete structure first. Meanwhile, there are also cases where the structure is perfectly viable, however, the site needs to be tuned over and repurposed. In this case, concrete demolition and removal will also be needed.

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