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Concrete Cutting and Polishing New Orleans

As a concrete company, one of the services that we specialize in are concrete cutting and concrete polishing. These are highly specific lines of work because there is proper training needed to be able to carry these out correctly. These are the kinds of concrete work that require high levels of precision. Hence, if these services will be necessary for you, you should only entrust them with a highly skilled and experienced New Orleans Concrete Solutions.

New Orleans Concrete Solutions

The sophisticated methods involved here also require the use of sophisticated equipment. For concrete cutting, special saws or concrete cutters are used. On the other hand, we use abrasives with diamond segments for our concrete polishing services.

Situations that may necessitate cutting concrete include situations where the formation of ramps and curbs is essential. Older methods of concrete cutting employed jackhammers. However, the results are very unprecise, which now favored the use of precision saws. On the other hand, if you want the surface of the concrete to be smooth, glossy, and shiny, concrete polishing will be valuable for you. The principles of changing the concrete’s surface are likened to sanding wood.